About us

Paul McDonald- Founder

Paul is a 2015 graduate of Colorado School of Mines. Though he grew up a cradle Catholic and went through the motions, it was during his college days that he really made his faith his own.  Paul has an incredible heart for ministry that is rooted in his deep love of the Faith, the Church, and most importantly Jesus Christ. He loves to challenge others to grow in their relationship with our risen Lord and never settles for mediocrity; after all, we aren’t made for comfort, but for greatness!  Paul is the lifeblood of Swole.Catholic but when he can spare a moment, he is a Coloradan through and through.  Anything from fine coffee and craft beer to cigars and whiskey to long backpacking trips high up in the mountains, this guy does it all.

Connor is a Catholic YouTuber and Entrepreneur. He moved from Virginia to SoCal in 2018 for school and to pursue his goals of running Catholic Businesses. After following Swole.Catholic for years, Connor was brought on to the team to manage the company in 2019. He has a passion for ministry and a strong desire to lift up those who have a desire to spread the faith.

Connor McLaughlin- Director/CEO